Monday, July 20, 2009

Guestbook Over Run With Spam & A Blossom

We used to be able to afford to have an earlier web master (who we called our Amazon Warrior Princess) who delted the spam and smut entries over morning coffee. Of course she was paid, but it was a boring
irritating and frustrating task.

Because it became so difficult even with the security enabled News/Event board that Rochelle Holt monitored so effortlessly we had to completely stop it. Tonight we found in the endless spam for Chinese herbal products and mean spirited comments like "anais would laugh at you" this
entry from artist Ania.

She asks that you visit her site, of course this is the mythical Anais Nin quote that has become the most sought after quote. Sounds like her, but may be an urban legend, but it certainly is the most asked question over the years. (Commercial projects wanted to know the source so they can make a proper attribution) Even if it's apocryphal, the quote is beautiful presented! And the note cards are lovely!

If anyone finds the original source of this quote in Nin's work or Nin's speeches, let us know
and we'll buy a mug for you from the artist. You can follow her @aniaart.

Here's her post which we're finally adding to the guestbook but are sharing it with you.

Anais Nin quotes have drawn me in...I love useing her quotes with my artwork.

"And the day came when the risk it took to remain tight inside the
bud was more painful than to blossom.\\\"
That quote was perfect to describe my \\\"Blossom\\\" stillife, which depicts a life with Multiple Sclerosis (MS)*
My name came before finding Anais Nin quotes!