Wednesday, June 29, 2016

The Site Was Started Two Years Before This Cartoon Was Published.

Glycee Print of Subpoenaed Diaries of Anais Nin No Longer Available.

However, Jack Ziegler's cartoon is still available check out the link below:

The Subpoenaed Diaries Of Anaïs Nin - New Yorker Cartoon

By: Jack Ziegler Item #: 8539536

Published November 23, 1998
The Subpoenaed Diaries Of Anais Nin

Court officers hauling piles and piles of diaries to courtroom.

We can't copy the cartoon here, as it can only be licensed through the New Yorker's Cartoon Bank so check out the link above.

The Cartoon Bank is the brain child of another great cartoonist, Bob Mankoff and author of a delightful memoir:

How About Never, Is Never Good For You?